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The Massive 110-player Orchestra from Bulgaria

Over the weekend (21-22nd May), I had an amazing time recording a cue with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra (110 players) at the BNR Studio 1. I was the first person up for the session and it was really nerve-wrecking. I was hoping nothing would go terribly wrong and thankfully nothing did! The orchestra sounded really huge and due to the great suggestions Conrad had gave me earlier, the piece just soared and lifted. Big thanks to Derek Gleeson for doing an amazing job as the conductor, Debbie Smith for being an excellent engineer and Christo Parlov & Antonio Cafolla for assisting with the music supervision!

Before coming to Bulgaria, I had doubts about my piece because I felt it was too simple. However it all worked out for the best in the end.

*Check out the Video page for a full video of the orchestra playing this piece*