Ting Si Hao

Music Composer for Film & Visual Media

Personal website of Film and Visual Media Composer Ting Si Hao

There’s great talent here. Si Hao’s ideas sparkles and he has a clear sense of how to use the orchestra. He is truly a very fine film composer who is going to turn into a great one.
Christopher Young (Spider-Man 3/Drag Me To Hell)


14 Sept '16 - Pleasure to announce that my work on "Emma" Haolu Wang's short film is completed - stay tuned for updates on festival releases

21st May '16 - My cue entitled "Destiny of Michiko" that was written for a 110-piece Orchestra was recorded in Bulgaria, Sofia at the BNR Studio 1. Check the blog for updates of the amazing experience!

1st Mar' 16 - The Faith Of Anna Waters opens 9th May in Singapore and as "The Offering" in the U.S.A (6th May)

31st Jan' 16 - Ken Kwek's Unlucky Plaza to open in the U.S (in New York & Los Angeles)