Ting Si Hao

Music Composer for Film & Visual Media

Personal website of Film and Visual Media Composer Ting Si Hao

There’s great talent here. Si Hao’s ideas sparkle and he has a clear sense of how to use the orchestra. He is truly a very fine film composer who is going to turn into a great one.
— Christopher Young

Ting Si Hao is a young and versatile composer, arranger, producer and sound engineer with a vision for narrative storytelling through the language of music. Fascinated by the interplay of music and media, Si Hao started his film-scoring career on feature films while assisting Singaporean composers Alex Oh and Joe Ng. In 2010, he collaborated with Joe Ng on Kelvin Tong’s feature Kidnapper as the music arranger. By 2013, he had become a co-composer for Christopher Hatton’s Battle Of The Damned starring Dolph Lundgren. Since then, Si Hao has scored a diverse range of feature films including Unlucky Plaza (Ken Kwek, 2014), the first Singapore black comedy-drama film to open for the Singapore International Film Festival, and the first horror Singapore-Hollywood collaboration “The Faith of Anna Waters a.k.a The Offering” (Kelvin Tong, 2016). Si Hao has also composed for various short films such as independent arthouse film Emma (Haolu Wang, 2016), demonstrating his ability to interpret complex human emotions.

Born and raised in Singapore, Si Hao started his classical piano training at the age of 7. At age 13, he used his first sequencer to produce demos for a progressive rock band at his home studio. In 2006 (at age 16), he composed and produced his first instrumental album Promise and subsequently released Superscenic the following year. His passion and dedication to the art of composition has resulted in many ambitious orchestral pieces. Written for a 110-piece orchestra, Destiny Of Michiko is his largest composition to date. His work received further validation in 2016, when the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra led by Conductor Derek Gleeson, performed Si Hao’s Winter Is Coming (2014), Destiny Of Michiko (2016), Yearning (2016), On Distant Shores (2016) on concert tours to China and Bulgaria. 

An experienced music arranger and sound engineer, Si Hao has been supporting renowned Hollywood composer and orchestrator Penka Kouneva (Transformers, Prince of Persia, Primrose Lane, Elysium) on video game and media projects since 2013. Si Hao’s expertise also extends to different genres such as pop and jazz. He has arranged and produced recordings for recent Sing! China runner-up Nathan Hartono (Self Titled EP, 2012), and international acts Shun Ng (Funky Thumb Stuff, 2011), Mariam John (Dizzy Girl, 2013), and Beto Ronald Jr (Kerinduanku, 2013). 

Si Hao was awarded the Postgraduate Arts Scholarship from Singapore National Art Council and the Conrad Pope Scholarship to attend an M.A. at Pulse College, Dublin Institute of Technology. During his masters degree, he was mentored by renowned Hollywood composer Christopher Young (Spider Man 3, Drag Me To Hell), Conrad Pope (My Weekend With Marilyn, The Hobbit, Harry Potter And Deathly Hallows) and Andy Hill (Former VP of Music Production at Walt Disney Pictures). Si Hao received an M.A. with First Class Honours in Film Scoring & Visual Media in 2016. He graduated with a diploma with merit in Music & Audio Technology from Singapore Polytechnic and was awarded the MDA Gold Medal in 2010.  In 2018, Si Hao came in 4th place in the renowned international Film-Scoring Competition Oticons.