Ting Si Hao

Music Composer for Film & Visual Media

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Short Bio – Ting Si Hao (3rd Person)


Ting Si Hao is a film and visual media composer from Singapore. Having learnt the piano when he was seven, he started composing at the age of thirteen due to a great interest in video games and film soundtracks.

In 2010, he graduated with a Diploma in Music & Audio Technology from Singapore Technology with a gold medal award from MDA. Ever since then he has been working in the film and media industry and has had the privilege to score a diverse range of feature films. This includes Dolph Lundgren’s action flick – Battle of The Damned, Tony Kern’s horror – Afterimages, the first Singapore film to open for the SGIFF International Film Festival black comedy - Unlucky Plaza (Ken Kwek) starring Epy Quizon. His latest release is a score to Singapore’s first Hollywood horror collaboration by Kelvin Tong – The Faith of Anna Waters starring Elizabeth Rice & Matthew Settle. 

He is currently taking a Masters in Film Scoring & Visual Media from Pulse College (Ireland) and is a recipient of the 2015/2016 Conrad Pope Scholarship (Pulse College) and the NAC (National Arts Council) Singapore 2015 Arts Scholarship (Postgraduate).